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Anti-Aging Services

Have you recently noticed the following about yourself?

– abnormal or unexplained weight gain
– sagging skin
– fine lines or wrinkles
– decreased libido (loss of sex drive)

BHRT Services


As we grow older (especially after the age of 35), you may begin to notice your body and mind don’t quite function as well as they did when you were in your twenties.




Advance your health with direct IV Nutrition Therapy custom vitamin replacement.


Body Contouring Services

When it comes to skin tightening and minimizing the appearance of cellulite, our wellness experts at Body Symmetry MD are dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Medical Weight Loss

The majority of the population in the U.S is overweight, putting a straining load on the mental, emotional and full body health. Body Symmetry knows how to help lose weight with safe, medically supervised weight loss programs. Find customized and comprehensive weight loss plans to maximize your goals. Call (678) 264-6150 today to schedule your consultation.


Body Symmetry knows PLATELET RICH PLASMA THERAPY and your care is medically supervised.  For customized and comprehensive plans Call (678) 264-6150 today to schedule your consultation.