Our Team

Anthony Brumfield

Anthony Brumfield, aka the “Boss Man,” is the CEO and President of Body SymmetryMD and is a true inspiration. He founded SymmetryMD with the vision to build comprehensive wellness centers that understood the value of providing individualized weight loss, BHRT, anti-aging and wellness plans. His main goal to be able to make every patient successful and wants to open locations all across America to unleash every person’s potential. His passion for his clients is only paralleled by his passion for muscle cars, kart racing and serving the community through North Point Ministry. Anthony is certified inA4M Weight Management, A4M Peptide Certification and with the American Allied Health Association – CPT(AAH).

Yuliya Andreyeva

Our nurse practitioner Yuliya Andreyeva joined the Body SymmetryMD team with the goal to make the community happier through better health. She joins us from Healthcare of Atlanta where she worked with children for two years. She specializes in Hormone Replacement Therapy and promotes its life-changing ability. Yuliya enjoys painting, cooking and reading and is always happy to meet you at the Norcross location.

Nick Jones

Norcross location for three years and is now the owner of the Sandy Springs location. He joins with an extensive weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding experience as a previous Gold Gym, R Michael Body Tech and Pharma Fit Science owner. He uses Hormone Replacement therapy as a life-changing tool that makes the lives of his patients healthier, longer and happier. He enjoys bodybuilding, mixed martial arts and monitors youth groups.

Tabatha Gatson-Washington

Our Office Manager Tabatha “GiGi” Washing at the Sandy Springs location has been with us since 2012. With a background in medical technology, she has worked in the fitness industry for over 13 years as a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer. She wants to build stronger families by helping patients become their best and healthiest selves through hormone replacement therapy and weight loss. Gigi enjoys weightlifting, eating, dancing, and watching movies with her son.

Stephen LaScala

Dr. Stephen LaScala works out of the Norcross location, providing nutrition and health consultations and diagnostic procedures. He works closely with patients to oversee that their exercise and medical regimes are optimized and safe, making sure that both internal and physiological needs are being met. With over 20 years of healthcare experience, his goal to make patients feel young, vibrant and most importantly, vital. He works with Body SymmetryMD’s vision of wanting to help as many people as possible all across the United States to become their best selves. In his free time, he enjoys all sports from biking, swimming to golf.

Jon Cissell

Our laser consultant Jon Cissell has been working in the laser health and aesthetic field for over 30 years. He is the go-to guy for all things related to laser treatments. He believes that being healthy and feeling good on the inside goes hand-in-hand with looking healthy and good on the outside and knows that laser treatments are a fast and effective way of achieving this. Jon will walk you through your treatment with a compassionate and expert consultation. He works to make Body SymmetryMD as the source of trustworthy, experienced and personable care. When not at the practice, he attends car shows and does agility training with dogs.

Kelly Ding

Our Laser Practitioner Kelly Ding has been with the Body Symmetry team for two years and works with patients to accomplish their goals for their appearance. She has been a certified laser esthetician for five years and a certified laser practitioner for two years. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, studying and working out.

Juanita Laudette

Juanita Laudette comes to Body SymmetryMD with 18 years of gym ownership and personal training experience, nine years of medical laser aesthetician experience, and six years of experience as a spa owner. She knows her weight loss and aesthetics! Her wealth of knowledge helps her provide exceptional care and experience for our patients. When not at the office, she working out at the gym, spending time with her family and eating out with her friends

Sarim Gichengo

Our Office Manager at the Norcross location Sarim Gichengo has been a member of our team for five years. She joins with 20 years of Inshape MD hormone therapy experience. She prioritizes great customer service and and care and is here to help you reach your weight loss goals with a compassionate smile. When not offering exceptional customer service, she likes to play poker and spend time with her family.